2018 Summit Agenda

Reimagining the Academy:
Constructing Inclusive and Participatory Communities in Challenging Times
The 4th C3 Summit
Middlebury College
9-11 November 2018

Friday, November 9

5:00-5:30:      Opening Reception

5:45-6:45:      Dinner

7:00-8:00:      Opening Keynote: Chastity Lord, Chief Operating Officer, Color of Change

Saturday, November 10

8:00-8:45:      Breakfast

9:00-10:30:     Research Presentations

10:30-10:45:    Break


  • Things Nobody Told me about Graduate School

This panel will focus on those tidbits of important information about being a graduate student that applicants to selective R1 universities rarely see on university websites. What are some of the disciplinary expectations that graduate students from underrepresented backgrounds are surprised by once they enter their respective programs? What are some aspects of cultural life in graduate school – both on and off campus – that graduate students had not anticipated before they arrived? What advice do current graduate students wish they had received before coming to graduate school? In this panel, current graduate students will discuss some of the more unexpected aspects of life in graduate school in response to questions generated by moderators and audience members.   

  • Surviving and Thriving as a New Faculty Member

Transitioning from graduate school to being a faculty member, and from a research university to a liberal arts college, is challenging.  In this panel, faculty members discuss best practices for making this transition, including how to balance competing demands on your time, and working in a new professional environment and community.

  • Multicultural Centers: What works, what doesn’t?

Since the civil rights movements of the 1960s and 1970s, multicultural centers have been established on college campuses across the country to provide underrepresented students with welcoming spaces to support their academic success and personal well-being. These centers have also been used to advance scholarly research and promote cross-cultural dialogue and education. This panel will feature 3-4 leaders in higher education to discuss best practices and lessons learned when managing multicultural centers on college campuses.

  • Students, Faculty, and Staff Working Together in Diversity Work

Creating an inclusive college campus requires engagement from all members of the community, yet it is all too easy for generative conversations about institutional culture to be held separately within faculty, staff, and student groups. This panel will gather 3-4 participants to talk about their experiences in bringing faculty, staff, and students together to learn from one another and to form meaningful partnerships in diversity work.  

12:30-1:30:     Lunch

1:30-2:30:      Keynote: Dr. Eve Ewing, Assistant Professor, University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration


  • Liberating Structures: Include, Engage, Generate (a pedagogy workshop)

In this workshop, you will learn flexible facilitation techniques that maximize inclusion and participation in meetings, classrooms, and community discussions. These structures will help you center participant voices by expanding your repertoire beyond familiar discussion formats (open discussion, small group, think-pair-share) and can be scaled for groups of any size.

  • How to Apply to Graduate School: A Workshop

Trying to figure out where to begin the graduate-application process? Want advice about how to build a strong application for graduate school? Curious to learn more about the different roles that the statement of purpose, the personal statement, GRE scores, and the writing sample play in a complete graduate-application packet? Wondering about how to ask your professors for letters of recommendation? These questions and many more will be the focus of this interactive workshop, which is geared toward helping you begin to develop a concrete graduate-application strategy. Participants are invited to bring hard copies of ____ to workshop.

  • Applying to Liberal Arts College Faculty Positions

This panel focuses on applying to open positions at liberal arts colleges. Panelists will discuss what hiring committees are looking for in teaching statements, research statements, and diversity statements. Participants are invited to bring hard copies of ___ to workshop during the second part of this panel.

  • Diversifying the Curriculum

How to create more equitable conditions for learning? How to address power and difference in the classroom? In this session, panelists will discuss how they and their institutions are working to diversify curricula and ensure representation and inclusivity in assignments, courses, assessments, etc.

6:15-7:45:      Dinner

Sunday, November 11

8:00-9:00:      Breakfast

9:00-10:00:     Idea sharing workshop

10:15-11:45:    Research Presentations

12:00-1:00:     Lunch

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