C3/LADO Visits to R1s

The C3/LADO Visits to UC Berkeley and Columbia University are designed to cultivate interest in liberal arts colleges and to introduce liberal arts college teaching and scholarship opportunities (including C3 postdoctoral fellowships) to underrepresented graduate students.

Two full-day workshops were held in the fall of 2013 at Berkeley and Columbia. Many graduate students attended, together with a number of LADO and R1 faculty and institutional leaders. Both events provided a wealth of information about academic life at liberal arts colleges, requirements to apply to faculty positions, and the C3 postdoctoral fellowship program. Through shared meals, discipline-specific workshops, and drop-in Q&A sessions, personal connections between LADO representatives and graduate students were established, as well as with R1 faculty and officials interested in the mission of liberal arts colleges and in establishing collaborations with liberal arts colleagues. You may view the 2013 program of events.

Again this fall, C3 and LADO are visiting the Berkeley and Columbia campuses. We will be at Berkeley on September 29 and 30, and at Columbia on October 6 and 7 (details regarding the Columbia visit are forthcoming).