Thanks for a Successful Summit

The 2017 C3 Summit is now one for the history books, though more than 200 attendees will undoubtedly be returning to their campuses with lots of ideas and inspiration for institutional transformation!

Our thanks to Williams College for graciously hosting this Summit.

Watch the website for more news and media from the Summit as it becomes available.

Safe travels to all!

Sunday at the Summit: Give and Take

The 2017 C3 Summit comes to a close today, but that doesn’t mean the schedule is slowing down!

Mark Kamimura-Jiménez, Assistant Dean for Programs, Policy, and Diversity Initiatives at University of Michigan, started the morning by facilitating Give and Take: Promising Practices on Campus. Referring to this working session as a “group crowdsourcing of ideas,” he asked participants to identify the most impactful programs on their campuses, talk through new ideas and how to strengthen them, and share their findings with others. 

Kamimura-Jiménez shared links to guiding questions that can be used to start these conversations in other settings. Part 1 emphasizes the goals, implementation, assessment, and outcomes of a promising diversity practice. Part 2 encourages group discussion of a new or in-progress idea.