Faculty Funding Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines

In a narrative proposal of no more than three pages, the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) should include:

A section about the candidate:

  • Name and credentials of the new hire (if already hired)
  • Department or program in which the new hire will be located
  • Description of the curricular and institutional impact of the new hire. What work will they do? What curricular or pedagogical contributions related to equity and inclusion will they bring?
  • How new hire was identified (via New Scholar Series or national search)
  • Type of hire: Tenure track?

A section about the institution’s commitment:

  • Description of mentorship, resource development, and support for the new faculty
  • Comment on the capacity of the department or program for engaging a diverse student body
  • Comment on the capacity of the department or program for engaging a diverse faculty body, including how the department or program has considered social justice and diversity in its approach to both faculty hiring and curricular development
  • Comment on the institutional initiatives in place to support underrepresented faculty and students and promote inclusive pedagogy (service loads, promotion criteria, etc.)
  • Description of institutional evaluation criteria. Is attention to fostering inclusive classrooms and inclusive pedagogy/teaching part of the evaluation of the hire? Is it part of the criteria for promotion?

Submission Instructions

  • Please submit your three-page proposal in a single PDF document┬áto C3 Director Rachel Hynson at rhynson@c3transformhighered.org.
  • Notifications will be made within 1-2 months.

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