Faculty Funding Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines

In a narrative proposal of no more than three pages, the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) should include:

A section about the candidate:

  • Name and credentials of the new hire (if already hired)
  • Department or program in which the new hire will be located
  • Description of the curricular and institutional impact of the new hire. What is the role of this position in relation to the entire major and/or to the curriculum in general? Will this hire have an impact on the structure of the major, or is the new hire filling an existing position–but bringing topics related to diversity into department’s course offerings? To what degree is the institution working on curricular transformation, and how does this hire relate to any ongoing curricular planning?
  • How new hire was identified (via New Scholar Series or national search)
  • Type of hire: Tenure track?

A section about the institution’s commitment:

  • Description of mentorship, resource development, and programmatic support for the new faculty. Does the programming have demonstrated success for faculty of color? Also apecify any start-up funds and the institution’s sabbatical policy.
  • Comment on the capacity of the department or program for engaging a diverse student body
  • Comment on the capacity of the department or program for engaging a diverse faculty body, including how the department or program has considered social justice and diversity in its approach to both faculty hiring and curricular development
  • Comment on the institutional initiatives in place to support underrepresented faculty and students and promote inclusive pedagogy (service loads, promotion criteria, etc.)
  • Description of institutional evaluation criteria. Is attention to fostering inclusive classrooms and inclusive pedagogy/teaching part of the evaluation of the hire? Is it part of the criteria for tenure and promotion?
  • Comment on the institution’s strategic plan, if one exists. What are the key components of the strategic plan, and how is the new hire related to the plan?

Submission Instructions

  • Please submit your three-page proposal in a single PDF document to C3 Director Rachel Hynson at rhynson@c3transformhighered.org.
  • Notifications will be made within 1-2 months.

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