Faculty Funding Criteria for Evaluation

Criteria for Evaluation

In the decision-making process, the C3 Executive Committee will give attention to funding a variety of disciplines from the humanities or humanistic social sciences at a range of institutions. In addition, it will consider the following questions:

  • Will this funding be allocated to a hire identified through a New Scholar Series?
  • Is this funding for a tenure-track position?
  • What impact would this position have on the institution? On the curriculum?
  • What resources have been allocated to support the new faculty member?
  • How has the institution engaged a diverse student or faculty body?
  • How has the department, or program engaged a diverse student or faculty body? This may include efforts at student mentoring or diversifying the curriculum.
  • Does institutional criteria for hiring and promotion consider curricular or pedagogical contributions related to equity and inclusion?
  • Does the proposal have coherence and clarity?

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