C3 Summit 2014: Launching Transformation

March 28-30, 2014  |  On the campus of Connecticut College

C3 Summit 2014: Launching Transformation

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Shirley Collado of Middlebury College and Susan Sturm of the Center for Institutional and Social Change at Columbia Law School lead a workshop, "You, Me, We: Who Gets to Fully Participate in the Academy, and How?”

The inaugural C3 Summit launched our efforts to foster deeper collaboration among cohorts and across sectors committed to student advancement along the academic pathway, particularly that of students from underrepresented groups. It provided a unique opportunity for students, faculty and administrators to meet peers from across the country, share knowledge, experiences and strategies, and benefit from the pooled resources of the partner institutions to support the attainment of their transformative goals.

The Summit celebrated the growing collaboration between its partner institutions: Connecticut College, Middlebury College, Williams College, the University of California at Berkeley, Columbia University; the participating colleges of LADO; and the Center for Institutional and Social Change at Columbia Law School. It sought to inspire underrepresented undergraduate students at LADO schools to pursue careers in academia by networking with other students to benefit from their knowledge and experience. The Summit was an opportunity for graduate students at our partner research universities to familiarize themselves with the professional and cultural environments of private liberal arts colleges, and allowed administrators and faculty to substantiate both innovation and collaboration as a model for creating change in higher education. Activities included:

  • Workshops and presentations to foster a more inclusive academy
  • Opportunities for graduate students to present some of their current research
  • Presentations from C3 undergraduate internships based on summer 2013 research
  • Structured and informal networking within and across constituencies and institutions

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