C3 Programs

  • C3 Undergraduate Fellowship Program – Undergraduate, summer fellowships that provide mentored, graduate-level research experience and training toward applying for and succeeding in graduate school
  • C3 Summit – The Summits bring together underrepresented students from LADO institutions and from UC Berkeley, Columbia University, University of Chicago, and the University of Michigan.
  • C3/LADO Visits to R1s – These visits by LADO faculty are designed to cultivate interest in liberal arts colleges and to provide graduate students with feedback on academic job application materials.
  • C3 New Scholar Series – Through this program, departments and programs at affiliate LADO institutions apply for funding to support short-term campus visits of graduate students and recent graduates from any graduate institution. (As of 2021, this program is no longer accepting applications.)
  • C3 Faculty Funding – If (through a national search or a C3 New Scholars Series) departments and programs at affiliate LADO institutions identify candidates from underrepresented groups, they can can apply for funding to support the first two years of a tenure-track position plus start-up funds for research and travel. (As of 2020, this program is no longer accepting applications.)
  • C3 Postdoctoral Fellowship Program – Postdoctoral fellowships at Bates College, Connecticut College, Middlebury College, or Williams College (As of 2018, this program is no longer accepting applications.)