C3 PAVE Visits

The Pathways to Academia: Visits and Experiences (PAVE) program serves as a complement to the C3-LADO university visits by LADO faculty. During the PAVE visits, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from each of the four C3 partner universities visit one of the partner liberal arts college (LAC) campuses for a two-day event, with a goal of inspiring undergraduates to apply for C3 summer fellowships and to consider graduate school.

Additionally, the PAVE visits provide the visiting graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with information about social, intellectual, and professional life at LACs and help establish personal contacts between the visitors and LAC faculty. All the participants in these visits are from backgrounds underrepresented in higher education.


2019: Bates College, Connecticut College, and Williams College all held PAVE visits in the Spring semester. On February 21-22, twenty graduate students from Columbia University participated in a PAVE visit at Connecticut. Five students from the University of Michigan traveled to Lewiston, Maine for a visit at Bates on March 7-8. An additional five graduate students from UC Berkeley visited Williams on April 1-2.

2018: For C3’s inaugural PAVE visit, Middlebury College hosted four graduate students and one postdoctoral fellow from the University of Chicago on April 12-13.