C3 Undergraduate Fellowship Program

2016 C3 Undergraduate Fellowships
Application Period Opens Soon

Applications for the 2016 C3 Undergraduate Fellowship Program will be accepted this fall. More information is forthcoming. Please check back soon for full application details.

2015 C3 Undergraduate Fellowships

Applications to the 2015 C3 Undergraduate Fellowship Program were accepted through February 1, 2015. The 2015 summer program took place from June 7 to Aug. 1, 2015 at UC Berkeley and from May 31 to Aug. 1, 2015 at Columbia University.

C3 Undergraduate Fellowship Program Description
The C3 Undergraduate Fellowship Program provides mentored graduate-­level research experience and training towards applying and succeeding in graduate school. The undergraduate fellows experience a new academic and social environment in the most dynamic and diverse regions of the country. They extend their social and professional networks with faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students from other schools. Depending on the fellow-mentorship match available, the undergraduate fellows are either expected to assist their faculty mentor on an existing research project, develop their own research project under the guidance of their faculty and graduate student mentors, or both.

At the end of the research experience, the undergraduate fellows present their findings to faculty, graduate students, and the campus community at a Research Symposium (> read the post on the concluding Symposiums 2014). In addition to conducting research, the undergraduate fellows participate in weekly seminars, workshops, and group events; get insider knowledge and preparation for the graduate school application process; and take a GRE preparation class.

The C3 Undergraduate Fellowships are open to rising juniors and seniors from all LADO colleges studying in the arts, humanities, humanistic social sciences, and mathematics. C3 Undergraduate Fellows spend eight weeks at either Columbia University or the University of California, Berkeley working with faculty and graduate student mentors.

Financial benefits include:

  • A generous stipend
  • Campus housing
  • Transportation allowance
  • Graduate school application fee waiver at their host institution

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