Partners Contacts

Coordination, strategy and assessment

Principal Investigator Shirley M. Collado
Center for Institutional and Social Change Susan Sturm
C3 Program and Research Associate Manuel Poitras

Executive Committee

Shirley M. Collado Dean of the College and Chief Diversity Officer Middlebury College
Denise Buell Dean of the Faculty Williams 
Abigail A. Van Slyck Dean of the Faculty Connecticut College
Crystal Williams Associate Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer Bates College
Anthony J. Cascardi Irving and Jean Stone Dean of Arts & Humanities University of California, Berkeley
Carlos J. Alonso Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Vice President for Graduate Education Columbia University
Susan Sturm George M. Jaffer Professor of Law and Social Responsibility and Director, Center for Institutional and Social Change Columbia Law School

C3 campus representatives

The following is a list of contacts at each of the C3 partner institutions. For general inquiries about C3, please use the Contact Us page.

Research Universities

Columbia University Andrea Solomon
University of California, Berkeley Carla Trujillo

LADO Partners

Allegheny College Ande Diaz
Amherst College Peter Uvin
Bates College Crystal A. Williams
Bucknell University Bridget M. Newell
Connecticut College Carolyn Denard
Davidson College Wendy Raymond
Dickinson College Mike Reed
Gettysburg College Jeanne Arnold
Hamilton College Amit Taneja
Hampshire College Diana Fernandez
Lafayette College Annette Diorio
Middlebury College Shirley Collado
Mt. Holyoke College Marcella Runell-Hall
Oberlin College Meredith Raimondo
Providence College Rafael Zapata
Reed College Mary B. James
Sarah Lawrence College Al Green
Smith College Larry Hunt
St. Olaf College Bruce A. King
Trinity College Karla J. Spurlock-Evans
Union College Gretchel L. Hathaway
Wellesley College Robbin Chapman
Wesleyan University Antonio Farias
Williams College Karen Swann

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