Partners Contacts

Coordination, Strategy and Assessment

Co-Principal Investigator Shirley M. Collado
Co-Principal Investigator Susan Baldridge
Center for Institutional and
Social Change
Susan Sturm
C3 Program and
Research Associate
Manuel Poitras

Executive Committee


Carlos J. Alonso Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Vice President for Graduate Education Columbia University
Susan Baldridge Provost Middlebury College
Denise Buell Dean of the Faculty Williams 
Anthony J. Cascardi Irving and Jean Stone Dean of
Arts & Humanities
University of California, Berkeley
Shirley M. Collado Executive Vice Chancellor & Chief Operating Officer Rutgers University—Newark
Manuel Poitras C3 Research and
Program Associate
Mike Reed Vice President for Institutional Initiatives Dickinson College
Susan Sturm George M. Jaffer Professor of Law and Social Responsibility and Director, Center for Institutional and Social Change Columbia Law School
Abigail A.
Van Slyck
Dean of the Faculty Connecticut College