Bread Loaf Inn Logistics

Middlebury Bread Loaf Inn and the C3 Summit (November 9-11, 2018)

Address: The GPS location found in most online map tools is 4229 Route 125, Ripton, Vermont 05766. The nearest airport is located in Burlington, VT (BTV), about an hour and twenty minutes from the Bread Loaf Campus. (See here for map of Bread Loaf campus.)

Check-in and check-out: You may check in as early as 12pm (and preferably no later than 11pm) on Friday, November 9. Check-out is by 12pm on Sunday, November 11. This means that you will need to check out of the Inn on Sunday morning before leaving for main campus—as the Summit does not formally end until 1pm.

Drop off and parking at Bread Loaf: Feel free to drop guests off directly in front of the Inn (on Route 125). Please then turn down College Cross Road and park at the back of the campus. No permit is required.

Domiciles and bathrooms: Students will share rooms with other students. And faculty and staff will have individual rooms. These are simple, dorm-style housing with shared bathroom facilities.

Cell phone connectivity: Due to the Inn’s remote location, cell phone service is limited (only AT&T and Verizon work). However, in the town of Middlebury itself, most carrier services work. 

Wifi: To ensure wireless network connectivity at Bread Loaf, please follow one of two below steps BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL. 1) Confirm your ability to use Eduroam OR 2) obtain a medium-term guest account. It is recommended that you do one of the two in advance, as MiddleburyGuest, the simple wireless network available to short-term guests, has traffic restrictions and does not always operate smoothly at Bread Loaf.

Rural location: Bread Loaf, one of the locations for the Bread Loaf School of English in summer months, is located in the rural town of Ripton, approximately 20 minutes east of Middlebury College. Although the Ripton General Store is a 5-minute drive from Bread Loaf (and open 8am to 6pm on weekends), restaurants and retail services are 15 minutes away in East Middlebury.

In order to mitigate the near-absence of food and drink in the vicinity of the Inn, C3 will be providing coffee, tea, and snacks on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning. Breakfast will be provided on main campus on Saturday and Sunday mornings, but we don’t want you to be deprived of caffeine and sustenance before descending the mountain! It is still recommended that all guests pack reusable water bottles

Traveling to main campus: There will be no shuttles running from main campus to the Bread Loaf Inn, and each institution will be responsible for transporting their students to and from the Summit and the Inn.

Parking on main campus: During the course of the Summit, you do not need to acquire a parking permit to park on Middlebury’s main campus; however, you must park in visitor parking. See the Visitor Parking Map for four designated visitor parking areas. Feel free to park in any visitor spot. E Lot, in the bottom right corner of the map, is closest to where we will be gathering for the Summit. (Campus map available here.)