Introducing Our 2014 Undergraduate Fellows

“Summer! I can’t believe it’s finally here!”

If you have spent any time this spring on a college or university campus–especially one in the northeast–it is likely that you have heard this common refrain. Many of us are celebrating the end of a challenging winter. But C3 has another reason to be excited: this summer marks the beginning of our second undergraduate fellowship cohort!

In early June, our twelve undergraduate fellows arrived at Columbia University and UC Berkeley (there are six fellows at each institution). For eight weeks, the undergraduate fellows, selected from a competitive applicant group from LADO schools, will each assist a faculty mentor with research. They will also have the opportunity to develop their own research project under the guidance of the faculty mentor, as well as a graduate student mentor. In addition to conducting research, the fellows will participate in weekly seminars, workshops, and group events; get insider knowledge and preparation for the graduate school application process; and take a GRE preparation class.

Who are these intrepid undergraduate fellows? We are pleased to introduce them to you:

Nicole Bermudez (Bates), Eileen Lam (Bates), Gabrielle Peterson (Smith), Spencer Salibur (Middlebury), Derek Walker (Amherst), and Kevin Zevallos (Connecticut) are spending the summer at Columbia.

Jessica Cheung (Middlebury), Noraida Colon (Amherst), Manuel DaCosta (Wesleyan), Elliot Evers (Bates), Michelle May-Curry (Williams), and Miari Stephens (Smith) comprise the cohort at UC Berkeley.

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